Reunion Recap


Wow! It all seems like a big happy blur...what a great time was had by all.  Most of you will be settling back to "reality" now and hope everyone makes it home safe and sound.  Some of you had a lot of arrangements to make planning for family, jobs, just life in general to make it back to Satellite Beach for the weekend. We hope it was worth it!

Friday night at Doubles was a great kick off to the weekend.  If you would like to see the slideshow of old photos that was playing we will have it posted on this site soon.  Thank you to all of you who sent in photos.  The heat reminded us that we were in Florida but everyone seemed to eventually cool off with a drink in hand.  It was fantastic to see all the familiar faces and meet everyone's wonderful "betterhalf" and see pictures of your children.  Some children that currently go to Satellite. Didn't make you feel old did it?? Hope you or your children enjoyed playing with the items in the goodybags. When was the last time you saw "slime" or ate Pop Rocks! The koozies came in handy at the beach Saturday and the Directory will help keep everyone in touch. There were no posts for bail so it seems that the Shuttle was worth it in many ways.  Heard the driver took a group to continue the party at Ichabods to the wee hours...

Saturday morning breakfast at SHS ended up being cancelled due to renovations and no power...there was consideration on having it at DeLaura, but they were redoing the floors. In a way it was probably a good thing because everyone seemed to get a slow start that morning. So when the renovations are completed a coconut tree will be planted with a plaque next to it with our class motto and our Grad year on it in memory of our class and classmates who are no longer with us.  Check back for photos of this when it is planted.

Saturday was a great day to hang out at the beach and pool with family and friends.  It was fun to meet everyones adorable little ones and big ones and have them all get to play together.  The weather was perfect and made way for a great evening on the deck for happy hour with the ocean as a back drop and calypso music in the background.  What a treat to have Mrs. Strubbe, Mrs. Brewer, and Mrs. Massanova to help check everyone in and give and receive many hugs!  The assistant principal of Satellite was there to accept our plaque. We had a prayer and Alums got together for a group photo on the beach. Dinner was great and prepared the way for strength to move into the St. Lucia to continue the party!  What a blast from the past  for everyone to get out on the dancefloor again!  Some of you even walked away with gifts from our "Scorp Raffle"  Thank you to everyone who donated items(see our Thank you page) and Ruth Massanova for puttng them together so beautifully.  She is still our "homeroom mom"  We even had Reunion crashers! Some Class of '03 Grads tried to hang but just couldn't  We bribed the DJ to play a little longer then headed to the hotel bar.  Some enjoyed the full moon out on the deck and some of you went "turtle watching" The poor night security guard was a little busy with us.

Thank you to all who attended and for those who couldn't make it you were truly missed.

Looking forward to the next get together!

 Check back for info on pictures taken at the Reunion