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06/12/08 07:01 AM #12    

Steven Ryder


06/13/08 03:50 AM #13    

Eric Wutrich

Hi Everyone,
Wow, hard to believe that it's been 20 years since "Always tardy, always late, that's the class of '88". Since everyone first started talking about the reunion, it's been fun talking to old friends and catching up.
I really didn't move out of the area. But, I've run into a few old friends here and there. Hard to believe some of us have known each other since kindergarten. It's hard to believe that some close friends are no longer with us but they're always be with us in our hearts and memories.

06/26/08 01:16 PM #14    

Erin Blackwood (Dupper)

Well, I'm in. Can't believe it's been 20 years. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone. I may need to pull out the yearbook to refresh some memories. I do remember there being a Luau with all of us in Hawaiian shirts, leis, and "beverages". All else is a blur.

07/15/08 11:17 PM #15    

David Gustafson

Well, it's Tuesday July 15, and we came down early to the area to spend a week on the beach with the family. Finally took a drive thru the SHS parking lot, and I was surprised to see all the construction going on. Looks like SHS is in for a major face lift.

There were certainly a bunch of other changes up and down A1A that all felt a little out of place. The Perkins restaurant near where I used to live is gone. Since 1992 I think I've driven through here once in 2001 or so, and so much has changed. Even the Publix that used to be in front of the school is gone.

I forgot about all the big rocks along the shore, making swimming with the kids a bit of a challenge.

Ron Jon's. Wow. Actually that whole area seems to have completely changed. I hardly recognized a thing.

Anyway, we'll see you all in a couple days. Looking forward to dusting off some cobwebs.

07/20/08 06:49 PM #16    

Erin Blackwood (Dupper)

A big round of applause and thanks to the reunion committee for a tremendous job this weekend. It was more fun than I ever expected and look forward to 25 , 30, and so on. Hope everyone gets home safely and we keep updated through this site.

07/20/08 08:55 PM #17    

Teresa Schimmel (Cherry)

Thank you so much to the reunion committee - what an awesome reunion!! I know it was a lot of work, and we greatly appreciate it. Even my "guest of" enjoyed himself!! Look forward to seeing everyone in 5 at our 25th!

07/21/08 12:40 PM #18    

Michele Greenis (McCarthy)

Thank you so much to the Reunion Committee for an absolutely AWESOME JOB coordinating this event. The event was well planned and all the extra touches were nice. Bobby and I had a blast!

Bobby, myself and our children are still recovering. Our older sons (5 & 6) are recovering from their version of Las Vegas...Aunt Tammy's house. "What happens at Aunt Tammy's house stays at Aunt Tammy's house". Except that since our kids are still young, they have told us everything they got to do that we don't allow at home! The baby managed to come away unscathed too even with Mommy and Daddy partying. He did well for my niece who babysat in the hotel room.

This morning Bobby told me that he had a funny dream last night. He dreamt that he and I were responsible for coordinating part of the reunion. He said it was getting stressful. So he yells (deleting the profanity here) "Just make sure there is enough alcohol! That will solve anything."

I can't wait to see pictures from everyone! Take Care!

07/21/08 04:28 PM #19    

Stacey Adams (Callahan-Adams)

Hey! Great job done by the reunion committee! Bravo kids!

Also... tried to check out the youtube slideshow but it says it's no longer available? Anyone know how I can view it another way? :-) Would love to see it since I wasn't able to make it up Friday night.

Best wishes to you... great time seeing ya!

07/23/08 03:41 PM #20    

Amy Lewin (Dorman)

Hi everyone, so I missed the reunion because I was in trial - but I have spent the last hour looking at the pictures and it looks like you all had a great time! I can't wait for the next one....25th? Hopefully, by then I will have retired or won the lottery so my work schedule won't be an issue!
Thanks again for all the efforts by everyone and I can't express enough how wonderful this website is. I enjoy it every time I look at it! Take care!

07/24/08 02:58 PM #21    

Steven Ryder

Incredible job everyone!!! The wife and i had a blast. Everyone looked great.I hope everyone wants a 25th i know i do.For those of us who are local and dont want to wait every ten years to get together maybe we can try to get together once in a while for dinner or a night out on the town.If anyone is interested email

07/25/08 09:32 AM #22    

Linda Rzeznik (Bennett)

Wow - What a great time! We definitely need to do reunions or get togethers more often. Robb and I had a blast (as well as Amber on Saturday) and it was great reconnecting and spending time with everyone. It's amazing how we can all pick up right from where we left off - whether it's been 20 years, 10 years, 2 years, a couple of months, last week, or yesterday. We are truly blessed to have such wonderful friends whose friendship will last a lifetime! I say let's definitely have a 25th reunion and keep this website active. It's wonderful reading about everyone, seeing their picture and the picture of their families as well as any updates. Great job by the reunion committee - your time and effort for such a smooth, well planned and fun weekend cannot be expressed in words. We all have a busy life schedule so to take the timeout and donate endless hours to this event is greatly appreciated! Also, anyone in the Apollo Beach (Tampa) area at anytime, the door is always open!

07/25/08 09:48 AM #23    

Samantha Hicks (Hay)

Well - I'm so proud of our class. We partied hard and everyone's ready to go out and do it again, lol. I'm considering getting together at the Homecoming Football doesn't sound as if we have such a good team but things always change year to year, right? It's November 7th against Cocoa Beach - does anyone know if THEY'RE any good? At least November is cooler weather! Happy hour before a high school football game and you can't get busted for being underage...sweet!

07/25/08 01:48 PM #24    

Teresa Schimmel (Cherry)

Samantha - Count us in for Homecoming!! That sounds like a lot of fun - happy hour and homecoming game! Anyone else?

07/26/08 08:26 AM #25    

Lisa Rodriguez (Rodriguez-Davis)

We definately had a blast!
In fact, I haven't left beachside yet. With some friends still lingering, I have kept the kids here and they have made great friends too! I am up for Homecoming if we can find a sitter, or we may bring the kids along.
Glad to see everyone made it home safely!

07/26/08 02:50 PM #26    

Sherry Morris (Richardson)

I sure missed an AWESOME party. All the pictures are great. I'm glad everyone had a safe and wonderful time. I think a 25 year reunion is a must too.

07/27/08 12:01 PM #27    

Linda Rzeznik (Bennett)

Homecoming sounds great and my brother, which some of you probably remember, Scott Rzeznik, is one of the football coaches. So we'll be there to support him too!! Sounds like fun!

07/28/08 08:39 PM #28    

Michele Greenis (McCarthy)

WooHoo Sam!
Happy Hour Homecoming! Charter the O-Town bus!
Also, UCF has a home game November 8th!

10/20/08 01:13 PM #29    

Linda Rzeznik (Bennett)

Satellite has yet to win a game - so I'm hoping all those that attend on 11/7 can bring them some luck!!!

10/24/08 01:43 PM #30    

Victor Latson

Hello everyone, sorry I missed out on the reunion, I was in Afghanistan but I made it home safely. I hope to make it up to Satellite Beach for Christmas. My dad is still working on Patrick. God Bless you all and this website is great. Well done Class of '88

12/02/08 01:34 PM #31    

Ruth Massanova

I want to tell you about our grandson Josh Massanova #44 who is a sophomore at SHS he was the only sophomore to play varsity football this year as a starter and played every game this season. Even though the team did not win one game he had a great season learning and enjoying playing.

I know Keith was watching and cheering him on every game.

Hopefully next year Josh will still be on Varsity as we will be having a new coach. Josh would love to play for Notre Dame and just came back from South Bend where the Fighting Irish played Syracuse. He enjoyed the snow and the cold (16degrees). Just to let you know Massanova still lives in Josh.
Ruth Massanova

12/09/08 12:32 AM #32    

Linda Rzeznik (Bennett)

Looking forward to seeing anyone that can make it to Doubles on 12/27 from 8pm-?. We called Ray (the owner of Doubles) to let him know that it might be a little more crowded than usual this evening. Hope to see you soon!

06/03/09 07:44 AM #33    

Emily Brewer (Stewart)

Good Morning David!
I just wanted to wish you a Very Happy Birthday! I hope all is well with you and yours!
Love, Emily Brewer Stewart

05/30/13 11:03 AM #34    

Scott Guidry (Guidry)

Wow reading all this makes me feel better about myself.  I thought that only my memory was going... What a relief.  Yes, I let some of my younger friends look at my pics from the days...I never thought that I'd say that... UGH..  I had bad hair... Heck I never gained weight till my 30's... 

I just travel the world until my body wont go anymore..  I'm not going to anymore war zones...  I hope...  As long as the military wont send me again..  Tired of sleeping in the sand...  Steve I still have my hair.... 

12/03/19 09:59 AM #35    

Shaun Fergus

Hello all... anyone still functioning here?... 

12/04/19 07:03 AM #36    

Cheryl Kamprath (Kahn)

Hi!!! I did just recently find this page again. Thanks to whoever put it all together!!!

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