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04/29/08 01:55 PM #1    

Lisa Schreiner (Kovary)

Welcome to the Satellite High School Class Of 1988 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

05/20/08 09:12 AM #2    

Samantha Hicks (Hay)

It's really cool seeing everyones responses on their profile but don't forget this message forum. It allows you to share memories and clue others in to the fact that you're out there.

Of course, we'd like to hear your comments on the site and find out what you'd like to see added to the playlist, music videos and arcade games. It's a mind blower especially when my oldest, 15, ask if she can use the site for her history project, haha...jk.

05/21/08 12:38 PM #3    

George Theofanous

You have done an incredible job on this site! Between the music (including the awesome music video medley) and the ability to see what others are doing, you've really outdone yourself! It's taken me back. Thank you for all the obviously long hours and hard work.

05/23/08 02:47 PM #4    

Denise Helsley (McGuire)

Yes, this site is awesome. Thanks for all the work! But I'm pretty sure someone should have asked my permission prior to posting a picture of me with 80's hair and bad earrings! I can't wait to see everyone...

05/28/08 10:36 PM #5    

Michelle Brockel (Sifford)

Wow! Nothing like your 20 year reunion to make you take account of your life... right? It is so terrific to read everyone's updates and to see pictures of their lives! I'll have to dust off some of those old photo albums and see if I can scan in some old pictures I'd forgotten about. Hope I'll be able to make it to the reunion! I'd love to see everyone!

05/31/08 04:19 PM #6    

Cheryl Kamprath (Kahn)

I love this web site! Thanks to everyone who took the time to put it together. It is great for this reunion, but I think it will be a great way for all of us to keep in touch for a long time. I am looking forward to seeing everyone at the reunion. Maybe being able to put the faces with the names will help bring back even more memories! It's been only 20 years, but it seems I have forgotten so much already. What is going to happen when we get really old?

06/01/08 01:45 AM #7    

Mike Vorndran

Yes this site is amazing. For those of us like myself who have not lived in SB for 20 years it is great to see so many people that we spent so much time with during our school years. So many great memories. Even though I am not going to make the reunion I am glad to be able to catch up with all of these amazing people. Thanks to everyone who is on the reunion committee you all are doing a great job.

06/02/08 03:24 PM #8    

Jere Lober

I've already gotten a few emails and it is totally awesome to get in touch with those of you that I have dropped out of contact with. So does anyone know what the hell has happened to the football team in the last 20 years? Nobody else could get farther than the class of 1988??? heh heh heh Good to get caught up with you all and maybe I will get lucky and be able to come this time. If not, I'm hoping to still be alive for the next one!

06/03/08 03:16 PM #9    

Stephanie Finger (Jensen)

OH MY GOSH!!!!!! I see the pics of the hair...and I think to myself...what were we thinking...hilarious...oh the 80's....good times....good times!

06/05/08 04:26 PM #10    

Steven Ryder


06/08/08 11:15 PM #11    

Michele Greenis (McCarthy)

This website is AWESOME and all the festivities planned for the weekend are fantastic! Sam & Lisa, thank you so much for all the work you have put into this. The communication has been great. Bobby and I cannot believe how old we really are. How did that happen? Time really does fly...thank goodness because at least the 80s hair is gone! My 5 & 6 year-old keep asking for mohawks. Ugh, I thought we were done with that "do"! At least the baby is too young to voice an opinion on his hair!

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