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Jennifer Adams (Hackshaw)

Jennifer Adams (Hackshaw)My beautiful sister, Jennifer Adams Hackshaw, died of breast cancer at a very young age. In her short time on this earth, she accomplished so very much. To the wonderful people who have written to this website about their fond memories of Jennifer - thank you so very much. She grew up and out of her pink hair/Duran Duran/spray-painted bedroom wall phase to become a loving mother (2 gorgeous kids) and wife, talented administrator at work, and a devoted daughter, sister and friend. Thank you SHS alumni for your kind words about one of our school's best. xxoo - Laura

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05/20/08 12:18 PM #1    

Rebecca Becky Franks (Willhite)

I remember having classes with Jennifer in the 6th grade at Holland Elementary. One thing about her that stands out in my memory is that I never heard her speak ill of anyone. When I think of her now, I can remember her smile and her genuine kindness.

05/30/08 07:38 PM #2    

Kimberly Flohe

I was just going through some old pictures and found a group of us sitting on the benches in front of the school during lunch time. She always had a smile!

05/31/08 08:18 AM #3    

Cindy Horak (Large)

I didn't meet Jennifer until we played basketball together at DeLaura. She was so sweet and quiet, but when she smiled, she sparkled. God bless her family and others who love her.

06/03/08 09:02 PM #4    

Shannon Lacy (Murray)

I remember playing basketball with Jennifer as well. She truly never spoke ill of anyone and was always upbeat and positive, even when running suicides (not). Anyway, our prayers go out to her family and friends.

06/05/08 09:56 PM #5    

Melissa Feindt

When I think of Jennifer, I remember all the weekend slumber parties and remember her and Hope S. being crazy for Duran Duran. They would listen for hours and hours and I could never figure it out. But it did not matter because we were having fun. And like every one has said she was genuinely nice.

06/28/08 02:35 PM #6    

Michelle Brockel (Sifford)

Jennifer and I met in 7th grade in PE. Our little sisters also became friends around the same time. Even though we didn't really hang out together after school we were always friends. The summer before our senior year we both went on the trip to Germany that the Allegyer's coordinated. I have so many great memories of her on that trip and a few pictures too. Hearing of her passing brought such sadness! Jennifer was a wonderful person and I am so glad I knew her!

06/29/08 03:05 PM #7    

Lisa Rodriguez (Rodriguez-Davis)

I remember so fondly sitting around at Jennifer's listening to every Duran Duran song and Police album! Her slumber parties were great. She tried so hard to help me have a mohawk with a lot of gel in my hair since my parents wouldn't let me.

Always a great person she was. Smiles, kind words and a gentle encouragement when you needed it.

06/30/08 02:16 PM #8    

Stacey Adams (Callahan-Adams)

One of my best memories of Jennifer was that she told me she was cousins with Bryan Adams, the then-famous singer. ha! What's funnier is that I actually believed her! :-) haha. She was so convincing when she said it, but then told me a few days later she had only been kidding and didn't want me to think she would ever lie about anything so she had to tell me the truth. :-)

What a good person and she'll be missed.

07/28/08 10:20 PM #9    

Willie Stephenson Jr.

I remember playing the piano at Jennifer's house on several occasions. Jennifer and her family were really nice to me and I will never forget her. I remember Jennifer's mother liking the way I played their piano so much that she gave me a stack of piano lessens books after finding out that I did not read music. Jennifer's mother told me to learn how the read music and gave the encouragement that I did not understand then. Jennifer and I were in the Holland Elementary (Show Stopper) back when we went to Holland Elementary. I remember Jennifer's mother picking me up from my house and taking us to one of the Holland Show Stoppers performances we participated in. We stopped at Macdonald's for ice cream after the show. My heart is saddened by this lost, she will be surely missed. She was my friend, she was a treasure for all of us to find and know. Always,Will

07/29/08 04:57 PM #10    

Linda Rzeznik (Bennett)

As I was eagerly trying to contact as many of our old classmates to inform them about the 20th reunion, this phone call hit me with a bang. I was leaving a message and then Jennifer's husband picked up the phone. I asked if Jennifer was there and he stated, "Yes and No". My heart sunk and tears filled my eyes as he told me of her passing. I had to look at the ceiling in order to continue talking. Jennifer and I played basketball together at DeLaura and that is when we first became friends. She was so sweet yet shy and we both loved Duran Duran. I have nothing but great memories of Jennifer and wish her family and friends the best. I was looking forward to us reconnecting since we live in Apollo Beach and the phone number that I had for Jennifer was in Tampa, but since that is not possible now, I'll just pray that I will see her again in heaven. I also pray for her children and hope they are reminded always of what a WONDERFUL MOTHER she is!!

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